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We commit that;

we adopt the concept of “excellence” based on meeting the expectations of stakeholders and that we plan, review and continuously improve our management systems in accordance with the below mentioned fundamental concepts.

We are result-oriented;
We define and measure fundamental results that should be monitored in order to understand the level we have achieved for our mission, the progress we have made for our vision as well as the benefit we have offered to our stakeholders; we also evaluate those results to determine necessary actions in this regard.
We add value to our customers; 
We develop suitable communication channels to understand customer expectations and receive feedback; we continuously improve our processes and service quality by evaluating their needs and expectations. We build open and transparent relationships with our customers; we give accurate and rapid information about our activities. We provide resources to increase the customer satisfaction awareness of our personnel.
We continuously learn and innovate;
Within the framework of our innovation approach, we closely follow occupational and sectoral developments, learn best practices, take lessons from failures and results and continuously improve our service level. We enhance our corporate capacity by efficiently managing the changes.
We increase the added value of our processes;
We believe our achievements depend on the quality of our processes and agile management of our value chain. With the purpose of making our processes efficient and effective, we determine objectives and targets and provide necessary information and resources to achieve them.  
We use our resources efficiently;
We improve our income - expense balance in order to have a strong financial structure. We develop cost-saving projects in administrative and operational areas. 
We efficiently and effectively use and secure our vehicles, buildings and equipment throughout their life cycles. Our inventory management policy is to keep the stock at the optimum level which will contribute to our income - expense balance without delaying our services.
By using relevant technologies we increase our operational efficiency, reduce our environmental impact and develop our service quality. 
With the efficient use of information technologies, we create the necessary information for our managers and relevant stakeholders, ensure their access to information, and focus on the secure management of information.
We succeed with our employees;
We believe we can succeed with employees who are conscious, open to development, collaborative, innovative, and open to teamwork. With performance-based practices, we ensure equal opportunities, respect diversities, increase professional competencies, and give importance to efficient communication and information sharing. 
We are role models with our leaders; 
We guide our employees with leaders who are honest, consistent, accountable, transparent to stakeholders, representing the entity in partnerships, inspiring and developing their team, open to change, flexible, and taking timely decisions. 
We establish partnerships; 
We develop partnerships which fulfill our competencies to achieve targets; based on mutual trust and the win-win principle. 
We take responsibility for sustainability; 
We carry out our activities in accordance with legal regulations, national and international standards and ethical rules. While taking decisions we consider social benefit and public interest. We develop social responsibility projects with a special focus on public transportation events.
We take control of environmental impacts and hazards arising from our operations in order to prevent pollution and occupational diseases and injuries. In our investments and the procurement of busses, services and equipment we make environmentally friendly, energy efficient selections compatible with occupational health and safety rules as well.
We consider the energy performance while planning our processes, determining the routes and designing improvements in transportation. We continuously improve the energy performance, determine greenhouse gas emissions, verify and declare the results and continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improvements.
Hamdi Alper  KOLUKISA
General Director